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Javier Arturo Lopez
Javier Arturo Lopez REALTOR®
Las Colinas Realty LLC
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Las Vegas, NV 89146

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Our mission statement at Las Colinas Realty is straight forward and simple. It is, find the perfect property for everyone who walks through our doors whether this property is a cozy three bedroom house on Wonder Lane or a high performance warehouse in the heart of industrial park. We pride ourselves on our 15 years of vetted community involvement in Las Vegas, Nevada. But more importantly, we pride ourselves on how these years of experience and subsequent business acumen built our most essential business practice that quite frankly many others lack – diligent customer service.

Customers deserve personalized VIP solutions for their unique situations because not everyone is the same and most certainly every individual requires more than a cookie-cutter solution. A typical VIP treatment may include
• One-on-one counseling on current market trends and on whether it is a good time to buy, sell or even lease;
• Fiduciary negotiations that result in high profits whether the other negotiating party is another property owner, real estate agent, contractor, title company, REO agent, or loan servicer (in the case of residential short sales);
• Custom prepping and open houses with effective MLS advertisement of the property for sale;
• Flexible tours of homes (or other property) on the market available for sale on any day or evening of the week; and
• Direct communication whether by good old fashion phone calls, text messages, or emails. We even facilitate communication through fax machines if necessary! We also keep in contact with clients throughout the life of the transaction and the time thereafter to answer questions or concerns about the transaction, current property value, or other relevant matters.

If these services are not enough, we can always add or remove services as needed. As a results of this business model, Las Colinas Realty LLC has earned an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Notably, over 75% of our business comes directly from word-of-mouth referrals, which serves as evidence of our customers’ satisfaction.

A real property transaction can be a tough deal. Las Colinas Realty will help you tackle it and exceed your expectations.


Now who am I, the owner of Las Colinas Realty?
I am happily married to Teresa Lopez, a beautiful woman and my partner in both life and business. I am also a proud father of two very successful children: my daughter who is working on a Master of Arts in Special Education at George Mason University, and my son who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Real Estate at Penn State University. My family is my inspiration and the reason I work diligently.

In pursuit of this stability, I’ve worn many hat throughout my life. My earliest job was running my father’s multi-facet business in a small town in Mexico, which included distributing milk jugs to local stores and homes, supervising a veterinary store front, and managing the cultivation of farmland. Later in life I went to the Universidad Veracruzana where I became a medical doctor and afterwards opened a clinic for the underprivileged residents in Guadalajara, Mexico, which I ran with my wife during the 1980s. Eventually, I decided to migrate to the United States with my family during the peso crisis of the 1990s. We became a proud citizens of our new home shortly after. In the states, I continued my work in medicine for a number of years, but then fell in love with a new venture – Real Estate.

At this point in time, in 2004, I began my career as a real estate agent for Venture Realty and joined the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors as a Salesperson. Four years later, in 2008, I became my own boss, acquired a Broker license and opened Las Colinas Realty. Since then this business has grown in terms of clients and agents despite the recent recession. Currently, we have a strong team of 8 real estate agents, and our business is recognized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Housing for Nevada Program.


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Javier Arturo Lopez

(702) 873-9696

Las Colinas Realty LLC

2980 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 100-C
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